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  • Last Updated on 02 Aug 2018

We have worked at least 72 hours to select Top Rated Best Electric Mowers. This may be Your Best Deals on Lawn Mowers. We have also come out the mowers with Best Price of Lawn Mowers. Here you will get top 10 electric mower on amazon lawn mowers. We have accumulated top 10 best rated lawn mower from the renowned brands like black and decker electric mower, Greenworks electric lawn mower, EGO Power+ lawn mower etc. We have passed out time to research the customer reviews those who have brought electric mower and used those. Also we have made a review video with all effective features and information. Read all individual reviews and also our buying guide on Best Buy Electric lawn Mower. Switch over the Best Electric Mower on Amazon____

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Key Features:

  • Powerswap quickly swap batteries
  • 60V max Lithium batteries
  • Twice the runtime per re-charge
  • Six-setting Height adjustment.
  • From 1 1/3 inches up to 4 inches
  • 3-in-1 configuration
  • Model: CM2060C
  • Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews:102+

This is an electric lawn mower cordless with two 2.5 Ah – 60V lithium batteries give you twice the run time per recharge. The powerswap feature give you the facility to swap batteries with only a push button. This electric mower is very easy to use with 3 in 1 configuration. You can adjust the height of your lawn mower at any time with six-setting height adjustment from 1 and 1/3 inches to 4 inches.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Lawnmower
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Brushless motor for reliability
  • Longer lasting performance
  • Preference between 1-3 inches
  • Contains 16” blade cutting width
  • 6 Level Adjustable Cutting Heights
  • Brand: VonHaus
  • Shipping: FREE Shipping
  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 14+

If you are looking for a light weight electric cordless lawn mower, VonHaus Cordless Lawn Mower is perfect for you. This electric mower is light weight and battery operated lawn mower which is very easy to use. It includes folding handle which is used to storage easily. The motor is used with brush-less for reliability and long lasting use. So , you make your garden maintenance simple with this lightweight cordless lawn mower.

Key Features:

  • 2.5Ah- 40V MAX Lithium Batteries
  • 20-inches wide cutting path
  • 6-setting height adjustment
  • 15 gallon capacity nylon grass collection bag
  • Model: CM2040
  • Style: 40V Mower
  • Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 375+
  • Shipping: Free Shipping

Black and decker electric cordless lawn mower with two 2.5Ah – 40V MAX lithium batteries for longer run time to finish your job. With 20 inches cutting path you can finish your garden maintenance quickly. During charging batteries please follow the user manual.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 10 Amp motor for enought power
  • Durable 16-Inch cutting deck
  • 2-in-1 feature
  • 5 position height adjustment
  • 7-Inch rear wheels and 6-Inch front wheels
  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Model: 25142
  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 1,411+

The lawn mower provides you 10 Amp more powerful motor for cutting through tough grass with durable 16 inches cutting deck. It has mulching and rear discharge capabilities feature. a range of cutting height from 5/8 to 2-5/8 inches for cutting all types of grass. you can maneuver around uneven terrain and flower beds with 7 inches rear wheel and 6 inch front wheel.

Key Features:

  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 12 Amp Motor
  • Single Lever Height Adjustment with 7 position
  • Push Button Start
  • Foldable Handles
  • 10 Inches Rear and 7 Inches Front Wheels
  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Model: 25022
  • Style: 12 Amp 20 inch Deck
  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 3,269+

The Greenworks corded lawn mower is featured with durable 20 inch steel deck and 12 Amp powerful motor for completing your task successfully. The mower has 7 position single lever height adjustment which will make you manage all types of grass disposable.

Key Features:

  • 13 Amp Corded electric lawn Mower
  • 20-inch wide cutting path
  • 7-setting height adjustment
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • 13-gallon nylon grass collection bag
  • Model: MM2000
  • Style: 13 Amp Corded Mower
  • Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 232+

The 13 Amp BLACK+DECKER corded electric lawn mower includes 20 inches wide cutting path with 7 height adjustment setting. You will get 13 gallon nylon grass collection bag for collecting cutting grass.

Key Features:

  • 20-Inch cutting deck
  • 40V Li-Ion Battery System
  • A great balance of maneuverability
  • Dual blades
  • Superior mulching and bagging
  • 10 inch rear and 7 inch front wheels
  • Full HD 30p movie capability.
  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Model: 25302
  • Style: Twin Force 20"
  • Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 2,907+
  • Shpping :FREE Shipping

If you want an electric cordless lawn mower from Greenworks then this electric lawn mower cordless is an excellent and powerful cordless lawn mower. it includes 40V Li-Ion battery with 20 inches cutting deck. This mower is suitable for mid sized areas. The especial feature is that it has an automatic battery switch over pulls power from the second battery.

Key Features:

  • Up to 45 minutes of run time
  • Battery and charger included
  • Brushless motors
  • TM Load sensing technology
  • 3-in-1 Mulch, rear bag, and side discharge
  • Brand: Greenworks PRO
  • Model: GLM801601
  • Style: 2AH Batteries & Charger
  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Reviews: 378 +
  • Shipping: FREE Shipping

Run time is very important in the case of a battery operated lawn mower. Buying this cordless electric lawn mower you will get 45 minutes of run time with fully charged 2AH battery. The motor with mower is brass-less which is more reliable more then a brass motor.

Key Features:

  • 45-minute cut time
  • 30-minute charge time
  • Compact, upright storage
  • 20 in. cut capacity
  • Weather-resistant
  • Brand: EGO Power+
  • Style: Mower with 4.0Ah Battery Kit
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Customer Reviews: 268+

The Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower is capable of cutting grass up to 45 minutes and charging time only 30 minutes. It includes 4Ah 56V advanced Arc-Lithium battery for rapid charging. This mower is a compact and fold-able best electric mower for upright storage.

Key Features:

  • Up to 45-minutes run time
  • 21" Steel mowing deck
  • Smart, efficient technology
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • Push button start
  • Single-lever
  • 1.6-bushel bagger
  • Brand: Snapper
  • Model: SXDWM82K
  • Style: 21" deck with 2Ah Battery
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Customer Reviews: 121 +

With this best electric lawn mower of Snapper you will get up to 45 minutes of run time. 21 inches steel deck with 3 in 1 design provides you mulching, bagging and side discharging easily. You can adjust the power to met the demands of the blades. You can start with only a push button switch and a single lever.

Best Electric Mower Buying Guide :

Best Electric Lawn Mower for Small and Medium Garden

While you are looking for a new lawn mower when a gas powered lawn mower bothered you, an electric lawn mower can be your best choice. This thing draw the attention to the people to the best electric mower seem to be your best lawn or garden cleaner.

There are hundreds of lawn mower brands, thousands of electric lawn mower on sale on the market. But a few of them are the best electric mower which bears the features you need and especially easy to operate and make an excellent finishing of your lawn. If you really want to best buy lawn mower it may be a cordless electric lawn mower or a corded electric lawn mower whichever you want. Our hardworking team has juxtaposed top 10 best electric lawn mower mixed with battery operated mower and a plug in mower just to reduce your fatigue and to save your time and money also. If you want to review only top 10 battery operated lawn mower or electric corded lawn mower you may proceed on.

Why are an Electric Lawn Mower Outing as Popular Lawn Mower?

Certainly In last twenty years, it is observed in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, even all around the world electric lawn mower sales have been become an increasingly popular option to people to lawn their garden and surroundings  due to more environment friendly and options are being very easy to operate.

Day by day people are avoiding the using of gas powered lawn mower or even fuel operated lawn mower because of many rational drawbacks. Any gas powered lawn mower or fuel operated lawn mowers are more expensive then electric lawn mower is less expensive.

Most noteworthy, there is an estimation by EPA  is that a gas powered lawn mower is responsible for over a million of carbon emissions in every year where as an electric mower is friend of environment.

Reducing The Using Of Gas Powered Lawn Mower:

Day by day people are avoiding the using of gas powered lawn mower or even fuel operated lawn mower because of many rational drawbacks. Any gas powered lawn mower or fuel operated lawn mowers are more expensive then electric lawn mower is less expensive.

There is an estimation by EPA  is that a gas powered lawn mower is responsible for over a million of carbon emissions in every year where as an electric mower is friend of environment. 

Factors To Be Considered While Buying Your Best Price for Lawn Mower:

There are a plenty of factors that you must consider before buying your best electric mower such as it may be an electric  lawn mower corded or  an electric lawn mower cordless featuring with grass management system, height adjustment, whether a self-propelled or push lawn mower, safety features and your budget.

If you want to start, we have done a research to come out your best electric mower with all of the feature what you are searching for.

Best Electric Lawn Mower By Editors Picked:

  1. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower Model: 25142
  2. EGO Power+ Lithium-ion Cordless

How To Choice you’re Best Electric Mower Online on Sale:

The first and most important factor is that you must consider the area you are going to use, the type of grass and the length of grass while you intend to best buy an electric lawn mower or even any type of lawn mower you want to buy. Depending on your area you can buy most suitable lawn mower as per your demands.

So, You Should Select The Type Of Electric Lawn Mower What You Want To Buy:

Generally, electric lawn mower on sale can be divided cordless or battery operated lawn mower and corded or plug-in lawn mower. Though cordless mower is much expensive but easy to operate then corded or plug-in lawn mower. You have the both options to buy whether cordless lawn mower or plug in lawn mower. The plug in lawn mower that plugs into an extension cord. Both of this electric lawn mower having pros and cons which you have to estimate before buying your best electric  mower.

Height Adjustment Option May Be Your Best Deals On Lawn Mowers Choice:

Most of the electric lawn mower for sale offers the options with height adjustment according to the height of the grass. You will have to concern regarding height adjustment while you shopping your best electric mower. This term is very important because of the most of the lawn care experts say that, you should not mow your grass less than 30% of its maximum height, it may cause weakness, less zesty of your grass.  If you mow grasses to short it may turn brown during sunny days even if you pour sufficient water. The increasing height of the grass is variable, you may go outside for few weeks or you may neglect to mow grasses in time so your grasses may be grown in more height though growing faster or slower in different time in a year. So, it is very important function that is the height adjustment of a best electric mower to coincide to the height of the grass.

Safety Features of an Electric Lawn Mower:

The most important and first feature of the best electric mower is the safety feature. You have to look at what kind of mechanism and safety feature an electric lawn mower offers. One of the most important advantages of an electric mower sale over gas powered mower is that you do not require to start them by pulling hard starter cord. There are many different options of starting an electric lawn mower on sale with super safety precautions. Some of them you can start by pulling a starter handle or by inserting a key. The excellent way to minimize accidents by starter handle with built in a safety mechanism. When you let go to hand your mower just will shut off though sometimes it may difficult to reach your hand to handle during operating mower.

Some lawn mower also offer the best safety features. The operator is to insert and turn child- proof plastic key before getting started. This safety feature is the best safety feature for your small baby.

Likewise another safety feature is that some mowers include guards or shield around the deck. Because of a small rocks may flung out of the mower by the blades.

Including a heavy rubber flap on the back of the best electric mower is for protecting the operator’s feet from garbage.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower for Your Lawn:

Most importantly a corded electric lawn mower or a plug in electric lawn mower requires you have to buy one or more long cords. You have to take care when you are operating the corded lawn mower to avoid accidentally tripping on electric cords and slicing them in two. Beside that it’s require an outdoor power source. If your area is small have an arrangement of outdoor power source usually the best corded electric lawn mower is the best option for you. During operating you shall require an extra helper to maintain its cord so that creating no hassle. So, power cord may be your extra hassle to store and maintaining. If you are not able to maintain power cord properly perhaps it may tangled mess. The important advantage of the plug in lawn mower is that you never worry about whether you they will have enough charge finish your task in first time. You do not have to worry the stream of power to clean your grass.Most importantly

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower For Your Lawn:

Though there are some drawbacks of electric lawn mower cordless but having plenty of advantages of battery operated electric lawn mower offers you that plug in lawn mower cannot. You are not supposed to worry about the power cords that might be come to your way even pulling out of their socket. When you are end of your area you are not worried about wind up or storing or maintenance of that power cord. But one thing you remember that you have to make a concern even more that how much you can finish your tasks before the charge of battery runs out.

Further more the battery power life is the most important and valuable consideration if you are intended to best buy a cordless battery operated lawn mower. In this case you can select the Li-ion or Lithium battery of minimum 2Ah. Manufactures provide the battery charged and discharged timing and also inform the total timing that a mower can run on a single charge. You will have a battery powered lawn mower with the battery that can run longer time. Usually the power of battery is the power of mower. Though sometimes it will not be able to cut through thicker grass like Bermuda grass.

Whether Removable Or an Integrated Battery Of Cordless Lawn Mower Online:

Finally you have the both options of buying a battery operated lawn mower that a lawn mower with a removable battery or an integrated battery. A lawn mower with an integrated battery can hold the charges as much can, a removable battery cannot. A mower with a removable battery can be a good option if you have a large lawn mower and if you can take the risk of discharging the battery before you finishing you mowing on it. It will be easy to replace battery of a removable then a lawn mower with an integrated battery.

The Best Electric Mowers Online Is a Good Choice of Buyers:

Day by day an electric lawn mower sales is being populated instead of spending money of gasoline, oil changing and also a new spark plug changing you have to with gas powered lawn mower. Over the course of season you will spend less than 25 dollars operating your lawn mower. On the other hand gas operated lawn mower is so expensive.

An important other reason of selecting an electric lawn mower on sale is that it has more echo friendly features. Gas operated mower emits a huge amount of carbons which filling your garden even your cloth with fumes.

If you do not want disturb your neighbors making noise with your mower then your best electric mower will be your good selection. This means that you can also mow your lawn early in the morning without disturbing your next door neighbors by making loud less mowing with electric lawn mower.The best battery operated mower can maximize motor performance, decreasing noise and vibration during mowing grass.

Deck Size of the Best Electric Mower for Sale:

The width of the mowers cutting swath or the deck size is another important feature to be considered while shopping your best electric lawn mower. Generally, the deck size are 19 inches, 20 inches, or 21 inches whichever for mulching, bagging or side discharging might be best for you. Frankly speaking, after researching of many reviews of customer those who have already used their top lawn mower that you are recommended to choose such deck size of lawn mower that neither big nor small. The best electric mower with a medium deck size is good for the maximize percentage of mowing grass.

Manage Your Grass System By Selecting The Top Best Electric Lawn Mower:

The next thing you have to look at during shopping an electric lawn mower sale offers the type of grass management system. Most of the mowers can shoot grasses clipping out the side and also collect grasses into a bag for mulching. If you want the mower with clipping shoot out the side you are fine to do racking or swiping them after mowing. Then you will need an electric mower with that option. But if you choose a mower that you help you by collecting grasses for mulching or disposable so that you can just drop them into the crash or compost pile. So a mower with an attached bag is suitable for you.

Two Perspectives of the Height Adjustment with the Best Electric Mower:

There are two perspectives of the height adjustment that you must know before buying your best rated lawn mower. The first one is that whether the height adjustment is easy or hard to adjust. Some mower with separate lever for each wheel adjusting the mower height. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain mower level precisely. Some mower belong to a single lever to adjust height at a time though it can be hard sometimes. So, you have to confirm about the height adjustment option with which mower is the best for you.

The second aspect of the height adjustment of The Best Deals on Lawn Mowers offer you how many height options as well as the range of the height. Though you will have the mower with two to seven height adjustment in the market but we have researched the mower you will have with 4 height adjustment though it will depend on the type of your grass.  We will recommend that the best electric mower with height range is between 1.5 inches and 4 inches.

Consideration about Push Type or Self-Propelled Lawn Mower:

Finally, you have to decide whether you want to buy a push type mower or self-propelled mower. Push type mower has a motor to propel it. Self-propelled mower is much expensive then non self-propelled lawn mower. You can choose a self-propelled lawn mower for thick and long grass at a big area.

Similarly, if you have small lawn or medium area and the grass like Kentucky blue grass, you perhaps do not require a self-propelled mower. A push type lawn mower will have few parts and a self-propelled lawn mower have many parts. So maintenance of push type mower will be cheaper than self-propelled lawn mower in the long run.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

It may be your best electric lawn mower corded or cordless depends on your planning and requirement. Hope our electric lawn mower buying guide help you to buy your best one.

Day by day electric lawn mower on sale is increasing. Time saving, money saving as well as easy operating system appeal the users desire. Another main reason is that electric mower is not harmful for our environment.

It depends on your requirement. We have mentioned top 10 best cordless and corded electric lawn mower for small and medium areas. But if your lawn is large then riding lawn mower may be best but with more expensive.

If you want to buy electric mower online we will recommend online market place like Amazon, ebay, etsay etc. Here we have juxtaposed top 10 best electric mower (corded and cordless) on Amazon. Choice is yourself.

Some electric lawn mowers are featured with water resistant. It is said that some manufacturers offer you water proof mower but it may be miserable for you if your mower wet in the rain. Obviously, it should not be mowed the lawn when it is a non-functioning mower.


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